About Us
Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality

It was the unusual vision of Mr. Chandrakant Sheth, which gave way to Chandra International. His entrepreneurial spirit and the will to create a unique organization led to an idea of being an OEM supplier for specialized sectors. Back in the 1980s and even now there is a huge gap between the end users of equipments and OEMs and thus to fill this gap, Mr. Chandrakant Sheth started Chandra International.

He began the journey by tying up with some leading multi-national organizations of those days and created a backend support and on the other side he started fostering relationships with Airlines. With this he started supplying small accessorial items which were of prime importance in the in-flight space. Gradually after having developed the in-flight sector, he chose horizontal integration and included sectors like Airline engineering where they provided spare parts for aircrafts, then on ground support through aerobridges, push back tractors and a lot more. With this Chandra International built a strong foundation and grew manifolds. Mr. Mihir Sheth, grandson of Mr. Chandrakant Sheth joined the organization as the second generation entrepreneur. With him came in diversification and soon they also ventured into defence and hospitality. Chandra International has come a long way and is still peers into a bright future.