Gas & Liquid Level Indicators

Formed in 1996, Link Instruments Ltd is a global supplier to the Fire, Marine, Oil, Gas and other industries

We work with our customers and distributors to ensure they are satisfied not only with the product but also the after-sales service. In most navies worldwide; there is an inherent need to protect the vessel from fire and or CNBC leakages. The fire service departments, oil and gas companies as also Navy and Coast Guard besides Shipyards find benefits while utilizing gases like CO2 / Halon / FM200 etc. for fire fighting purposes. Consequent to demand and then needs to maintain patrolling schedules vessels have to maintain a bank of cylinders in a pre-designated refrigerated zone. M/s Link Instruments, UK have understood the importance of manpower and the need to have a failsafe method of measuring the content of the cylinders using ultrasonic technology to identify the interface between liquid and air in any single skinned container.

It enables these fire safety critical systems to be tested for correct contents on a 24/7 basis, at the operator’s discretion, rather than relying on the traditional annual servicing check. It enables the cylinders to be tested in situ without the system being shut down, or dismantled for weighing. The technology is clean and ultrasonic and requires no specialised training, storage or transportation licensing, unlike the traditional radioactive sourced level indicators. We have the ULLC2001 Standard and Marine Ultrasonic Liquid Gas Level Indicator, and ULLC IS Ultrasonic Liquid Level Comparator to offer. For more information and technical knowledge of the product portfolio, please contact us or visit their website